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The Last Word on Dandruff: Addressing the Needs of African American Hair

Even though it's strong and effective, NIZORAL® A-D is also safe for relaxed, chemically and color-treated hair. This is particularly important for African American women, since so many of us have to consider the special needs of chemically and color-treated hair. It's also a silk-rich, luxury shampoo that will leave hair clean, healthy, and smelling great. 

We take a lot of pride in beautiful hair-and don't want the hard work done in the beauty salon ruined by an itching, flaking, scaling scalp! 

NIZORAL® A-D is an effective dandruff solution for African American hair because: 

  • It's long-lasting - we may not shampoo our hair daily-so it's especially important that we have a long-lasting dandruff solution. Because ketoconazole (NIZORAL® A-D's active ingredient) adheres to the scalp, it provides long-lasting relief from dandruff symptoms-an itchy, flaky, scaly scalp.
  • It's effective - The active ingredient in NIZORAL® A-D-ketoconazole- is 10 times more potent in controlling P. ovale than the active ingredient in other over-the-counter dandruff shampoos. It's a great way to protect the scalp between hair washings.
  • It's gentle - Many of us chemically treat and/or color-treat our hair. So it's important to know that in a study over 90% of African American women with chemically treated and/or color treated hair agreed that NIZORAL® A-D was gentle.