Dandruff & Hair Loss

It’s normal to lose some hair now and then.

But excessive hair loss might be more than something you inherited; it might be an unexpected side effect of dandruff. In fact, people with dandruff can lose 2-3 times more hair per day than those without dandruff.

If you have dandruff and hair loss,
Nizoral® may be able to help.

Nizoral® is different from other OTC dandruff shampoos. Only Nizoral® contains ketoconazole 1%, a clinically proven, powerful, anti-dandruff ingredient.

It controls fungus growth and once the fungus is controlled, so are your dandruff symptoms. Plus, a clinical study showed that when the active ingredient in Nizoral® was used regularly it controlled dandruff and then was shown over time to help control hair loss associated with dandruff.

when used 2 to 3 times per week for 6 months.